Everything you need to train your team in the fundamentals of email marketing in one neat package.


    1. Chapter 1 | Email Marketing Fundamentals

    1. Chapter 2 | Email Design Best Practice

    2. Exercise | Part One: Anatomy of an Email

    3. Exercise | Part Two: Wireframing Your Email Design

    4. Checklist | Email Accessibility

    1. Chapter 3 | Email Segmentation

    2. Exercise | Email Segmentation

    1. Chapter 4 | Time-Saving Email Automation

    2. Reflection | Time-Saving Automation

    3. Reflection | What type of brand are you?

    4. Checklist | Email Automation

    1. Chapter 5 | Email and the Customer's Journey

    2. Our ANCR® Model | Acquire

    3. Case Study | Revenue Growth from New Subscribers

    4. Case Study | Supercharging Subscriber Growth with Competitions

    5. Our ANCR® Model | Nurture

    6. Our ANCR® Model | Convert

    7. Our ANCR® Model | Retain

    8. Case Study | Reactivating Dormant Customers

    9. Checklist | The ANCR® Model

    10. Our ANCR® Model | Start Customer Journey Mapping

    11. Bonus Course | Customer Journey Mapping

About this course

  • $475.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content



    Award-winning strategies to grow your database, improve email marketing ROI and boost engagement.


    Go beyond theory and know exactly what you need to do to implement improved email marketing strategies.


    Save time by building email automations that make you money while you sleep!


Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Founder & Managing Director

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia’s leading marketing and strategic creativity experts, and the brains behind MI Academy. Driven by her insane passion for problem solving, Alita works with CEOs and business leaders to build more strategically creative, high-performing teams. Notably, Alita is the driving force behind Australia’s first retail hackathon, ‘HackGames’ – an event that has brought together hundreds of leading retailers and solution providers to reimagine a stronger, more innovative future for the industry.


Email marketing remains the single most profitable marketing channel, returning an average ROI of $39.40 for every $1 spent. This playbook will reveal the secrets and strategies that have earned our retailer teams awards for Best Holistic CX, Best Personalisation and APAC Marketing Team of the Year.

  • 8 Perfectly crafted, high powered, practical email marketing foundations strategy exercises with examples & 'how-to' instructions to ensure your knowledge sticks.

  • 7 fail-safe, standard operating procedures for enhanced accountability, team autonomy, cadence and consistency.

  • 3 Masterful industry case studies showcasing proof in the pudding of the tactics in this course. For inspiration or idea stealing!


Want more bang for your buck? Email is still your #1 channel for a serious return on investment. In fact, with every $1 spent on marketing, here’s what you can expect in terms of ROI:

  • Email Marketing: $39.40 return for every $1 spent

  • Search Engine Marketing: $22.38 return for every $1 spent

  • Display Advertising: $19.71 return for every $1 spent

  • Social Media Marketing: $12.90 return for every $1 spent