Are you working in eCommerce and wanting to how A.I can optimise your business? Whether you're new to the retail game or a seasoned professional with a team, Kelly will take you through an in depth workshop to understand the ins and outs of A.I for retail and how to fast track your success by using A.I to serve as experts in your business.

  • Founders & Operators
    If you're a founder still very involved in your e-commerce business and are looking to automate parts of your business.

  • Early Stage Entrepreneurs
    If you're running a one man show or lean team and need to save time and money whilst kicking goals.

  • eCommerce Professionals
    The task list is increasingly never ending these days isn't it? Work smarter by leveraging A.I as a business partner to speed up your output.


This course will cover everything from how to optimise and integrate A.I into your business, the industry leading tools available to you and how to set up A.I assistants to work aloingside your team saving you time and money.

Course curriculum

    1. A.I Fundamentals for eCommerce

    1. How to Set Up ChatGPT to Make You More Efficient

    2. Using Frase to Optimise Your SEO For Articles

    3. Exercise: Develop Your Brand Custodian Using Chat GPT

    1. How to Use Midjourney A.I to Create Stunning Visuals

    2. How to Use Pebblely to Create Image Backgrounds

    3. Exercise: Create a Set of Assets Using Midjourney

    1. The Best A.I Plug-ins for eCommerce

    2. Exercise: Activate and Test A.I Plug-ins for Your Business

    1. Using A.I to Create Spoken Video Content

    2. Exercise: Develop an A.I Strategy for Your eCommerce Business

About this course

  • $897.00


After completing this course, you will be confidently able to...

  • Set up A.I experts in your business to save you time and money

  • Understand how to seamlessly integrate A.I into your eCommerce business to work alongside humans

  • Navigate the constantly changing landscape of A.I and align emerging technologies to your business strategy

Meet Kelly

Kelly Slessor, CEO of Shop You & Digital Marketing Expert

Kelly helps retailers and retail services grow their online presence and increase their revenue. As the founder and CEO of Shop You, an AI powered personalised shopping experience, Kelly has spent 20 years building retail technology that responds to customer needs, drives conversions and increases revenue.


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  • 5 Exercises

    $1,320 value

    Designed to make your learning stick, gain practical insight into your business with these high-powered exercises.

  • The Ultimate ChatGPT Handbook for eCommerce


    Gain access to templated and tested prompts to help you create A.I experts in your business, saving you time and money.