Running a lean, sustainable, bootstrapped business is not as simple as "doing it all yourself" or "don't spend any money". There's a lot more nuance to successfully running a profitable business - it's all about making smart decisions.

This course is all about decision making frameworks that will empower you to make the decisions that are right for you and your business.

Jen will show you how to create a successful business without taking huge financial risks or sinking large sums of time and money into something that goes nowhere!

We don't just want you to be lean - you've gotta be lean and hungry!

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About this course

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Created by Jen Geale, Founder and General Manager of Mountain Bikes Direct, Savvy Start up is perfect for:

  • Pre- or early-stage start ups and established small businesses with ambition!

  • Business owners who are struggling to balance profit and growth

  • Ecommerce/retail businesses - we'll mention some tools specifically for ecomm and retail, but there are plenty of takeaways here for businesses across all sectors.