Have you consumed everything marketing-related that Google has to offer, but nothing sticks? Tired of running in circles chasing sales?
The 21 Day Challenge is for you!

We created this short course for brands looking to take charge of their marketing strategy.


Our 21 Day Challenge has been designed for small business founders and budding digital marketers.

Does this sound like you?

  • You've practically consumed everything marketing-related that Google has to offer, but nothing you learn sticks

  • You understand the power and persuasion of marketing, but stumble on the implementation

  • You're sick of completing courses that show you the WHAT, leave you on your lonesome to figure out the HOW



Alita and Natalie will cover the fundamentals of project management, social media and email marketing.

    1. Module 1 | Benchmarking and Goal Setting

    2. Exercise | Wheel of Marketing - Benchmark Yourself

    3. Exercise | Share your G.R.O.W Goals

    4. Module 2 | Marketing Audit

    5. Module 3 | Implementing a Pain-Free Project Management System

    6. Conclusion | Nailing week one of the challenge!

    1. Welcome to Week 2 of the Challenge!

    2. Module 1 | Content Amplification

    3. EXERCISE | Amplifying Your Content with Hashtags

    4. Module 2 | Planning and Scheduling Your Content

    5. Module 3 | Catalogue Manager

    6. Conclusion | Charging ahead in week 2!

    1. Welcome to Week 3 of the Challenge!

    2. Module 1: Growing Your List

    3. Module 2 | Email Design Best Practice

    4. Module 3 | Fail-Proof Promotional Emails

    5. Exercise | Let's set your email marketing goal!

    6. Module 4 | Time-Saving Email Automation

    7. Checklist | Before You Hit Send

    8. Conclusion | Wrapping up the Challenge!

    9. Conclusion | Wheel of Marketing - After 21 Days!

    1. Course Feedback Survey

About this course

  • $349.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • X downloadable templates


Our 2022 attendees saw competency increases of

  • 51%

    Project Management Competancy

  • 30%

    Social Media Competency

  • 70%

    Email Marketing Competency


Our 21 Day Challenge is brought to you by the ultimate dynamic duo

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Founder & Managing Director

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia’s leading marketing and strategic creativity experts, and the brains behind MI Academy. Driven by her insane passion for problem solving, Alita works with CEOs and business leaders to build more strategically creative, high-performing teams. Notably, Alita is the driving force behind Australia’s first retail hackathon, ‘HackGames’ – an event that has brought together hundreds of leading retailers and solution providers to reimagine a stronger, more innovative future for the industry.

Natalie Khoury

Director of Customer Experience

For over a decade, Natalie has been the driving force behind the successful delivery Voice of Customer (VoC) and mentorship programs for the likes of Experian, Mr Toys Toyworld and CouriersPlease. Natalie was among the first professionals to bring the Net Promoter Score and STRONGMAN Sales Methodology to Australian shores and continues to be a strong advocate for data-driven sales and customer experience enhancement.


Unlock access to the tried-and-tested templates that have transformed the strategies of hundreds of retailers.

  • Template & 3-Part Email Course: Customer Journey Mapping Template

    $149 value

    Transform your end-to-end customer experience with this 3-part email course and award-winning Customer Journey Mapping Template.

  • Tutorial: Setting Up Your KANBAN Board

    $100 value

    Walk step-by-step through the process of setting up your very own KANBAN project management board.


Join a stand-out lineup of retailers who have found clarity with the 21 day challenge.

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